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St. Patrick's Day Martingale Dog Collar Bow Tie Set 3/4", 1" And 1.5" – Green Plaid – Size S, M, L, XL

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The martingale dog collar comes in a 3/4", 1 and 1.5 inches in width, the collar is made out of a green plaid cotton fabric. The Martingale dog collar is sewn on black Polypro Webbing and finished off with a quality nickel metal d ring and metal adjuster slides.
The removable bow tie is attached with double sided Velcro and can be attached anywhere on the martingale dog collar.

*Measure the largest part of your dog's head, and the middle of his/her neck.
*If your dog's head is larger than its neck, you will need a size that is large enough to slip comfortably over its head.
*If your dogs neck is larger than his head, then you need a collar that will fit comfortably around its neck. Your dogs head size will not matter in this case (e.g., Greyhounds, Shelties, etc.)
*The collar size you select should adjust large enough to fit over the head, and adjust small enough to fit comfortably around the neck.

A martingale dog collar provides control over a dog without choking it. A martingale dog collar does not put pressure on the dog's neck and cause choking. Martingale collars work great with any breeds especially breeds whose necks are larger than their heads and they are more secure than buckle collars.

***Measure comfortably around your dogs neck for the perfect fit (see measure diagram)****

Martingale dog Collar Sizes

size S fits neck 12" – 15" width 3/4", 1" or 1.5"
size M fits neck 14" – 18" width 1" or 1.5"
Size L fits Neck 17" – 24" width 1" or 1.5"
Size XL fits Neck 20" – 29" width 1" or 1.5"

Bow tie sizes


Most of my fabrics are 100% cotton I recommend hand washing in cold water and lay flat to dry.

USPS shipping with delivery conformation.
International orders are shipped USPS first class without delivery confirmation. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Once your order is received, please allow 1-3 days to complete the order. Once your order is complete and payment is cleared, please allow 2=5 days for delivery. (Estimated delivery time for the US Postal Service). I custom make orders as received.


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